Bush follows the grand American tradition -- protect Drug Trafficking

Somehow we always seem to end up on the side of drug traffic -- is it just a coincidence?

OK --

Chiang Kai Shek --OPIUM -- China lobby, Dick Nixon and Anna Chenault, et al -- controlled world distribution of opium from the Golden Triangle until his men -- the KMT -- figured out -- Hey Chiang -- you're there and we're here and we have guns and you got diddly."

The Diem Family -- OPIUM -- pack yer seabags men, we're goin' to war -- in Veetnam through which the opium (from Laos/Cambodia -- Golden Triangle) gets packed and shipped. Air America did a lot of it. Madame Nhu was eyewitnessed at one loading with a machine gun. LBJ

Richard Nixon -- OPIUM -- oh lord, he was up to his eyeballs with Mob money, you know, the guys what got throwed out of Cuba by Fidel Castro? And did he ever promise, in 1968, privately, to business conerns legal and illegal, that he would keep the war going for at least 5 years so everyone could recoup their investment. One reason it was sooo important to win re-election.

Reagan/Bush1 -- Something new for a change -- COCAINE -- the Contras (You may call them mass murderers -- I call them Freedom Fighters) -- biggest coke deal in history -- 500 TONS of coke came into LA alone during their regime. A lot of Republicans made a LOT of money. But a lot of it came in through Mena, Arkansas, and the governor of that state couldn't help but find out about it, so he was always regarded, once he won, as the Grinch that Stole Christmas.

Clinton -- a return to good old OPIUM -- there was a whole lot of nasty going on in Bosnia, Croatia, etc for a long time, so why did Bill decide to send in the troops to cover Kosovo? Did it have anything to do with Kosovo being the transport point for our pals in Turkey to ship their opium?

BUSH2 -- OPIUM -- since we chased out the Taliban and installed out client warlords, the opium trade has returned, in fact, Afghanistan is once again the world's number one supplier of the stuff. Taliban is re-establishing itself, but not in the areas we want clear. And as long as the Bush family pal's kid, Osama, remains loose, we have a great excuse for keeping troops, moving materiel, andjust all those things that make shipping the big O so easy.

SO you see, all you slanderous lefties out there -- it's not JUST for oil we're doing this. Shame on you. This is a tradition that goes all the way back to the Cutty Sark -- fastest packet on the waves, greatest opium smuggling ship in history ..


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