Thinking of Bork and Nixon -- why is it Republicans always sneer at Democrats who suggest there has been a meeting of minds and an agreement to take simultaneous covert action ... like Talking Points or Swift Boat Veterans ... ha ha, conspiracy? Oh you paranoids...

But when one of THEIR guys loses it, it's always how the Liberals conspired against them, implied unfairly.

Listen -- Nixon was a crook and a stupid one -- George V Higgins, author and former Boston DA, made it clear in The Friends of Richard Nixon that the "dumbest Southie leg-breaker knows better than to go back to cover things up. He knows if you walked away from it, you stay away from it -- you're halfway home."They were doing BURGLARIES for Chrissakes!

This is a lesson too late for the learning for Karl Rove et al.

And Robert Bork, aside from being such an ambitious little climber and kiss-ass he was willing to fire the people investigating Richard Nixon even after others resigned rather than do such a thing, he was just plain fucking nuts.

When he talked about why people should be prohibited from viewing erotic films, even in theaters where no posters were outside to offend others, because "they still (those people) would carry the poison in their minds back to society," well, we knew here was a judge who would find ways to convict people of metaphysical crimes.

If Monkey Boy could look into former KGB-head Valeri Putin's eyes and say he knew this was a Good Man, there's no reason any of us couldn't look into Robert Bork's eyes and see he was just looney toons.

But for Republicans, it CAN NEVER BE that their guy was just not right.
No -- it's always conspiracy time when their side gets a hit.

Which leads me to think these big tough-talking MEN are just a bunch of whiny spoiled brat babies who throw tantrums if they don't get their way. And all they do is take OUR money to go fight the things that terrify THEM ... or did John Ashcroft spending $800+ of taxpayers' money to cover up a semi-nude classical statue's nipple not seem a bit off the mark?l

Fuck 'em all.

They're all swine except you and me.

And Barbara Lee.


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