Andres Serrano's Urinary Jesus

OK -- back before the ranting, runamok, rabid, religious right wing found yet another to-do to get all upset about, Andres Serrano presented a work consisting of a clear container filled with urine and cow's blood, suspended in which was a crucifix.

"Piss Christ" has become a battle cry, not unlike "Deus Lo Volt!" was for the happy bands of murderers who went on the Crusades.

But Serrano, before all the flap began, made it clear he was representing the commercialization of Christianity -- Easter and Christmas to be specific.

That in his view, he perceived that AMERICA was DROWNING JESUS in a pool of PISS and BLOOD.

And so, the Pharisees decided that Serrano was the bad guy, because he used NEA money to insult Jesus. (Well, they weren't going to admit he was looking at THEM when he did it, were they?)

Too bad, the reaction, and what it did to his career -- sort of killed it, made it impossible to get grants, difficult very difficult to get his work displayed because people denounced the work when they heard his name, without ever seeing it.

So John Wilmot, Second Earl of Rochester had it right in the 17th century when he said:

"Any man who would call things by their rightful name will surely be hanged."

Yet another martyr to mindless mania (not Wilmot -- a vile and despicable person -- Mr Serrano).


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