Yes - -the Reagan Revolution is a complete success: NO ONE trusts the government

Of course, in the final analysis, even a smirking ignoramus of a chimp in the oval office wasn't enough.

It took the fulsome presence of Karl Rove -- that noxious, toxic pile of human smegma -- before even the mainstream people of middle America threw up their hands in despair and disgust and came to recognize this government as nothing more than a machine for theft and punishment, run over and over again by people whose only motivating factors are greed and a sense of inferiority compensated for by inflicting pain on anyone who does not agree with them.

Charles Schultz was canonized as people came to realize what he was telling us with Charlie Brown and the Football.

The Great Prophetic Strip (as it came to be called), the strip that prophesied the coming of the Bush, was not a football one, but a strip generally unrecognized in which Violet and Lucy and the rest of the kids are taunting Charlie Brown and he turns on them and says:

"Just you wait until I'm President and THEN you'll be sorry."

To which they reply in unison:

"You bet we will."

And they were and we are and now, the dismantling of the credibility of government as fronted by smiling morons is complete.

We'll tell our grandchildren, someday, about how there used to be government services, how the government used to do things to protect the people. And they will look up at as and say, "What's a government, gramps?"


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