Certainly I oversimplify ...

... and it may be a total coincidence, but can anyone deny that the capture of Osama ben Ladn would immediately lead to a wave of overwhelming disinterest in the American public to continue shovelling money in the direction of George W Bush's daddy's friends?

For that matter, it might even lead to noticing that the game-players of this administration --- the ones with their hands up the ass of the sock-puppet we call Dubya -- are in their own special way, just another version of ben Ladn -- vicious, self-serving, fanatical monsters who believe anything they do is justified -- people who compare badly with David Berkowitz ("Son of Sam Killer") insofar as social responsibility is concerned.

Of course, now that Bush & Company has run the world's biggest terrorist recruiting center in Baghdad for several years, it might also lead to a shitstorm of retributive violence. And that of course would be a powerful force to maintain the flushing of billions into the open-mouth sewers of Cheney's hench-corporation, kind of like the Dr. Benway exchange in Naked Lunch --

"How long will this (epidemic) last?"

"Just as long as we can keep it going."

Cui bono?

In real terms, who benefits from this war going on longer and longer and longer and forever?

I still find it curious that the number one named terrorist in the world is the flaky sociopathic son of a long-time close pal of the Bush family.

And the number one unnamed (as such) terrorist in the world, is the flakey sociopathic son of the Bush family itself.


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