Rice Seeks to Rescue Shaky Mideast Truce

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By ANNE GEARAN AP Diplomatic Writer

July 22,2005 | JERUSALEM -- In a hastily arranged visit, Secretary of State Condoleezza Rice is seeking to rescue a shaky Mideast truce amid an escalation of violence before Israel's mid-August withdrawal from the Gaza Strip..."

Well, a whole lot of government types and a lot of Jewish boys do love those whips and leather. So you'd think that combination of Jewish government types would be right there, licking her boots and grovelling.

But when Jewish guys fantasize about "a shiksa with a whip," it's usually someone more like -- say -- Rebecca DeMornay, the most perfect plus blanc since Jean Harlow.

And I've never heard that the Palestinians -- the other Semites in the mix are all into that sort of business. But then I don't know much about Palestinians except that they tend to be educated and abused.

I know there's an old Saudi saying "For children, a woman, for enjoyment, a young boy, but for ecstasy -- a melon." You'd have to ask George W Bush about that, he spent a lot of time with Prince Bandar.


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