Dare I eat Impeach? Impair?

My wife and I agree on many things, not the least of which that this band of "Let's you and him fight" rec-room patriots (or craven unpatriotic chickenshit second-raters, which is the technical term for them) are despicable, and while there are folk in that crowd more demonstrably and overtly evil, Hannah Arendt would be proud to see how unbelievably banal is the unholy Monkey Boy in the middle, and that we would be much much better off if he just gave that animatronic shakey playground-stalker laugh of his and went home, wherever that might be (if he doesn't need the ranch for photo ops any more, than where will this second-rate version of a second-rater live? Not my problem).

But, as she has pointed out, the process called IMPEACHMENT was totally devalued by the Republicans when they used it against Bill Clinton for having committed the High Crime of giving in to a young cutie-pie intern out to get notches in her bedpost late one night -- and then doing what any husband in the world would do if forced to discuss it in the World Press -- deny it.

Right, and you wouldn't?

My point of view at the time was that any one who wanted to point a finger at the last President we had with an actual brain had to first swear on all that was holy that he would NEVER EVER EVER accept a blowjob, no matter what the circumstances. People like Henry Hyde, who flaunted their own extramarital affairs notwithstanding.

Now of course, the issue of impeachment has become a game of who has the majority in congress and how vicious do they want to play -- in Bill Clinton's case, I recall him going after Osama Ben Ladn, but all the Good Old GOP folks started screaming "WAGGING THE DOG," that he was trying to divert attention from the very important business of Monica's blue dress, forcing him to pull back from lack of support.

Does that mean I am pointing a finger at the Republicans for 9-11? Well, yeah.

Not that they INTENDED it -- just that AFTER THE FACT they did a whole lot to cover up the embarrasing connections between Monkey Boy and the Ben Ladn family and Monkey Boy's dad wanting a base in Saudi Arabia and that pissing off Osama Ben Ladn enough for him to go back to Afghanistan vowing revenge for the sacrilege.

But the point here is this -- impeachment has become the popcorn fart of consequences, and no more noteworthy than the majority trying to force through appointments to the courts and the UN of totally unqualified people but those who have SIG'd to the Puppet Master's HEIL.

So please let's talk about something more likely to happen in this congress -- like kangaroos giving birth to laptops. Let the creeping horror plunder the country -- as they're doing -- into economic collapse, and then, we might get a decent government -- at which point, we press to put those boys on trial for crimes against humanity (using the Yamashita Principle that we created for Dugout Doug MacArthur so he could get even for the loss of his family's real estate in Manila) and watch them hanging up there, high as an unburned flag.

And we'll all salute and cheer and get out our video cameras as we watch them do the Republican Dance popularized by Dick Nixon's people -- watch the em 'twist slowly in the wind.'


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