What's in a slip of the tongue?

Yesterday, Scott McClellan, White House mouthpiece, told the press that tomorrow (tonite):

"The American public will hear from their Commander-in-Chief."

Oh don't they wish --

Hey Scott -- we're civilians.
He's THE commander-in-Chief, but not mine.
HE's in charge of the military forces.

Unlike most all the top people in this administration,
many of us ACTUALLY PERFORMED our military service --
we even completed it and fulfilled our obligations.

So we're civilians, and that means Monkey Boy and the Military work for us, not the other way around.

That's why Monkey Boy has to go to Fort Bragg, to give a speech where the highly disciplined people who actually fight the wars are under orders to "be polite."

Who applaud when the President's advance people instruct them to.

Who do NOT moan and throw things and catcall the moron in the suit.

Because they're disciplined and he's THEIR Command-in-Chief.

Try to keep that in mind. It's in that piece of paper called The Constitution.


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