Where is Osama ben Ladn?

Does anyone care?

Certainly Monkey Boy doesn't seem to care.

Or does George W Bush just have adult attention deficit disorder? ("Yeah well we looked for him for a week, but then all these new video games came out and, y'know how Laura has them biggies, so I was...")

Or is he (and all of them in his mob) so grateful to his old financial benefactor's son for handing him a GIGANTIC panic bell on September 11, 2001 that he can ring over and over and over and over and heaven help anyone who criticizes the grotesque display of a mentally-challenged redneck rich kid dancing on the vaporized bones of dead New Yorkers for his own "Hey Ma, look at me!" aggrandizement.

The more he rings that bell, the more reason-minded folks wonder if maybe the conspiracy-heads who point at Bush-Cheney-&-Company as complicit in the attacks on the World Trade Center and the... hmmm, what else happened that day...

THE FUCKING PENTAGON ... no one even seems to remember that part of it...

maybe there's some factuality behind the finger-pointing.

In murder mysteries, it's called "CUI BONO?"

Find the perp by finding out "Who benefits?"

Have we figured it out yet?

Who was the big winner on September 12, 2001 ... and since?

But if we had Ben Ladn in custody.
Or dead.

Well then people might just think: "Thank God, now we don't have to listen to that simpering sniggering smirking schmuck from Texas anymore..."

I've said it before and I'll say it again, right now ... this country can not afford to let the Republican party go down the tubes, which is where Bush is taking it... what does he care? He and his boys will get away clean and rich...

I favor Democrats -- in principle -- I want to see the Democrats back in power --- but NOT unopposed.

I mean they've already decided Mr Kerry and Ms Clinton are the 2008 favorites.


Nearly 300 million people and THAT's the best we can do?

I mean -- Hey, Kerry -- you had your shot and you choked. So get fucking lost. Unfortunately for us, your wife can't run for President, not being native Born -- too bad, because while I'd walk a mile to avoid hearing you flap your sold-out gums, I've vote for her in a New York minute. She could actually have something to say.

As to Ms Hilary, this country is NOT ready to elect a woman who is discernibly smarter than most of the men in government. Not unless she's got a gingham housefrau cover like Libby Dole.

No, to American men (most of them) Hilary Clinton is like Sharon Stone in that Michael Douglas gynophobia classic, Basic Instinct. Too intelligent to be trusted. She might come up with some plans the boys in the corner don't understand.

How about the guy who took us through Bosnia and got us the hell out -- Wesley Clark?

Or how about letting registered Democrats ACTUALLY have some choices in the primaries.

But first, how about SOMEONE giving a flying fuck as to where Osama Ben Ladn happens to be?


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