Weird -- I was trying to post this for sale on eBay, start the bidding at $40, and they wouldn't let me -- said it glorified criminals and murder. And I said, "But every one of them was caught, tried, sentenced and did time, and died in prison, or died soon after release, or else was shot down by the G-man without a trial, so how does that glorify crime?" So they said, well, it could be offensive to the survivors, family members and friends of the victims. And I said, ok, I understand that consideration, but then how come James Cameron can make millions dancing on the bones of the Titanic dead, and then going back to the watery grave again and again to do TV specials, and sell DVD's on eBay, then how the hell can this be different? And how come they sell Titanic souvenirs on eBay? Oh well. No point in arguing -- I like their service too much. But if anyone wants to buy it, it's the entire box, still shrinkwrapped, 36 packs of 12 cards each ... original 1992 issue, Series One. I don't want to make this a commercial site, just want to vent frustration, but hell, if you want it, email me: -- make me an offer. 50 bucks takes it. I just want to move it out.


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