People have asked me why I be so hard on The First Lady of Frozen Smiles

because what she said is pretty much factually correct -- sure it is, and if I said it, it would be one thing, even if obnoxiously cavalier... but she's the First Lady, meaning she fucks in the seat of power.

She and Monkey Boy HAVE THE POWER to change things, and either they're saying "Tough shit -- you niggers didn't vote for us," or they're making it clear they're just along for the ride while someone else is running the ship and he can not do any more than he could when he was governor of Texas, meaning nothing, nada, keep out of the way, kid, and we'll let you ride in the limo.

Or ... it could be ... she's saying "It's God's Will."

Well, to paraphrase Nietzsche (and then Himmler and a bunch of other serious thinkers):

"When I hear the words 'God's Will,' I reach for my pistol."

If I had a pistol, which I don't, but it's better that I don't because if I did, I WOULD reach for it. (Hey, with Hunter Thomson gone, SOMEONE has to being drawing a bead on God-mongers.)

---I'll clarify -- if there is a God and it is what people say -- omniscient and omnipotent -- then just how much of a puffed-up self-important asshole do you have to be to PRESUME to know God's will in any given circumstance? Perhaps God's will is to let Satan tempt you into PRIDE. Perhaps God's will is to let it all work out by itself, by the set of complex inter-related dynamics once set in motion. Who knows? One thing I know -- anyone who says they do -- they don't.

Back to W and Boobsie -- I don't know about her and/or the drugs she takes or doesn't, but I am absolutely convinced that W is back on the sauce.

Jeezus -- if it's such a goddamn important thing to test ball players for drug use, we should be be giving random drug and alky tests to the people we elect to work for US -- legislative, judicial, AND executive. And suspend them if they flunk.

Oh -- the quote ...

'This is what happens when there's a natural disaster of this scope,' Bush said. 'The poorer people are usually in the neighborhoods that are the lowest or the most exposed or the most vulnerable. Their housing is the most vulnerable to natural disaster. And that is just always what happens.

In other words, tough shit, you're poor -- you deserve to die. And that's just the way it is.


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