2 years and 2000 dead later -- even white guys understand that Paris was clear and cold and in sharp focus with Sonic Jihad

I'm an old white guy and people used to give me a "whaaa?" when I tried to tell them about Paris.

But I live in Oaktown and first time I heard him (in the 90's when the most excellent Zimmerman Brothers presented him at the Gavin Report Annual Conference) I knew we had another town poet. Not that Ishmael Reed was lacking, just getting on.

The people who regarded this masterwork musical classic as seditious and treasonable in 2003 NOW listen to it and realize he was on a pure beam.

DID the Bushies actually collaborate in the attack on 9-11 to help them gather more power? Maybe, maybe not. The point is, now we know they're that cold, that inhuman and -- but for their general incompetence and ability to fuck up everything they do -- capable of it.

But perhaps he wasn't just giving us the image and mateaphor. Maybe he meant is as actual and now that the White House Hideout Rec Room Patriots are reeling -- I wouldn't be too surprised to see a "surprise" attack that just c0incidentally stops all dissent once more.

The thing is, while Poppy had a less obvious arrogance, both father and son believe they own the country. Poppy because he got elected -- once. Junior because he managed to steal it -- twice.

Check it out -- new or used -- we all need to listen to Sonic Jihad a lot during the next three years.

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