THREE WEEKS LATER ... ahh, the role of Cassandra is no fun...

Here's what I posted back then:

Monday, October 03, 2005

Tough as nails, and apparently as clever as a bucket of them.

More and more today, I tend to think she's the Red Herring -- an absolutely unqualified crony who helped him cover up the National Guard stuff when he ran for his second term as Governor -- get everyone up in arms, right and left alike, bounce her, and then, of course, they'll all roll over for whomever is the real choice, not wanting to appear contrary...

According to former White House speechwriter David Frum, Miers has been known for her loyalty ...

'In the White House that hero worshipped the president, Miers was distinguished by the intensity of her zeal:
She once told me that the president was the most brilliant man she had ever met.'

That should be enough to disqualify Miss Miers right there -- "Not approved due to mental defect."

I only hope it's her unbelievably inadequate qualifications for this particular job that does her in, and fast, and not her unmarried status.

Because she's single and tough -- and the code for lesbian is what her former colleagues mean when they say, "We thought she'd come through the Marines."

Bush's base -- those psychotically mean-spirited superstitious folk who laughingly call themselves Christians are so fond of doing hate-whispering about women who might be "Lesbians! and as THEY all know with the absolute certainty of Dogma, lesbians are evil witches who encourage abortions so they can eat the fetuses while they still scream for mercy. And any strong, independent woman they don't like -- which is ANY strong, independent woman -- Hilary Clinton, for example -- they insist must be lesbian.

The only potentially GOOD thing about her is that, if she IS gay, she should have an appreciation for people unfairly discriminated against.

But perhaps it's one more brilliant tactic by the Turd Blossom to reject the first choice and then put in some Borkian-style psycho who thinks Thomas Jefferson's opinion that the function of government is to prevent people from harming each other was waaay too radical and communistic...


That's what I wrote then -- funny -- I believe that Bush and Turd Blossom, and especially Cheney and Redrumsfeld are creatures fully capable of having collaborated with the destruction of the twin towers on 9-11 for political advantage (oh, at that time, we hadn't YET seen a dire emergency/catastrophe EVERY TIME Bush's ratings dropped). But I don't believe Bush would knowingly harm someone as close to him as his Mommy-surrogate, Harriet. If not because he's too loyal, kind, human to do it, then more likely, because he's too much of a craven cowardly shit to go up against ANYONE face-to-face.


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