School Orders Students to Remove Blogs

By WAYNE PARRY Associated Press Writer

October 27,2005 | NEWARK, N.J. -- A Roman Catholic high school has ordered its students to remove personal blogs from the Internet in the name of protecting them from cyberpredators.

Students at Pope John XXIII Regional High School in Sparta appear to be heeding a directive from the principal, the Rev. Kieran McHugh, to remove personal postings about the school or themselves from Web sites like or, even if they were posted from the students' home computers.

Right, because Catholic schools have always been (1) so supportive of students' free speech, even when it diverges from teachings, and (2) the various Archdioceses have always been so concerned about youth risking buggery or other sexual fiddle-faddle from adults.

We believe you. But, if you wouldn't mind, try convincing someone else that it's just a thermometer and you're only taking that youngster's temperature, ok?


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