"Just gimme some truth." John Lennon

This is about the so-called Republicans -- I do NOT mean actual Republicans, the people who believe in personal freedom and minimal government intrusion and minimal taxing confiscation and that people can benefit most -- have the most opportunities to pursue their lives -- when there is a strong and vital economy. Those people are Conservatives. I mean the right-wing theocratic neo-Cromwellian crazies who CALL themselves Conservative but who destroy everything in their path like locusts wherever they go.

I am assuming that real Republicans are as embarrassed by the creatures who call themselves by that name as real Democrats are by the nutless and brainless wonders who wander around crowing about being Democrats. With few exceptions on each side (the old-time New England and Midwest moderate conservative people for the Republicans, and for the Democrats, the last few survivors who still believe the primary role of government is protecting people from harm, including domestic conscienceless predators, i.e., Barbara Lee, Dennis Kucinich, and ... well, those two, anyway. Teddy Kennedy, too, actually.)

Anyway -- here's a relevant quote for moving this on:

"The first casualty of war is not truth, but perspective. Once that's gone, truth, like compassion, reason, and all the other virtues, wanders around like wounded orphans." Ente Grillenhaft

This is a relevant quote because what we're talking about is a bunch of guys -- Rec Room Patriots all, men who were too goddamn precious to actually serve their country when asked -- guys who had decided to start a war against the man who Osama Ben Ladn MOST HATED (after George Bush, of course). The same man who kicked back so much money (they say billions with a B) to Poppy George when he was Veep and running the Iraq side of the Iran-Iraq War. That was the war he and Redrumsfeld and Cheney encouraged Saddam Hussein to start, convincing him that HE was the new Saladin, born to save Islam from the Shi'a -- after all, weren't they from the same home town? The same war these same guys use to illustrate Saddam Hussein's monstrosity.

For what good it will do, I'd like to point out a few actual FACTS about this business of Scooter and Turd Blossom and etc... these are in response to the comments I hear from those sociopathic religious fanatics who hide from the men with the butterfly nets by calling themselves Republicans -- you know, the ones who preface any such conversation with "I am 100% behind George Bush and support everything he does." HOLY SHIT! Even Jesus lost it and cursed a fig tree. So you know these are people who are looking for daddies and/or gods and not representatives to do the business of the state.

1. The LIBERALS / DEMOCRATS did NOT set this in motion -- the CIA requested a special investigation because they thought outing one of their agents was a crime. The CIA hasn't been particularly Democratic Party since -- oh, even before a few of their rogues offed JFK.

2. ALBERTO GONZALES appointed Patrick Fitzgerald to run the show (admittedly, this was after a lot of criticism from the Left and Middle about the pretend-investigation that had been going on under Mr. Gonzales' care for about 6 months after the Justice Department had informed Mr. Gonzales who was, at that time, White House Counsel, that there was an investigation beginning. The fact that Gonzales told Andrew Card and then waited 12 hours before suggesting they preserve and not destroy emails and such gave an uneasy feeling to a lot of people who remembered the great Oliver North Shredding parties.) Anyway, he managed to bar the doors to the Good Guys for 6 months and then had to give in, appointing Pat Fitzgerald. And King George approved his choice.

Mr. Gonzales is not exactly a Liberal or a DEMOCRAT. Nor is George W Bush.

3. The TOTALLY BOGUS ISSUE of whether or not Ms Plame was STILL covert, i.e., a field spook is irrelevant. SHE HAD BEEN, and she had used 'assets' out there in the world who worked openly with her, since they did not know she was CIA. Those people were STILL out there, so the revelation that she had been CIA and still was with The Ompany, regardless of her current role, became overwhelmingly likely to lead to: "Hey, Omar, that woman you knew? We'd like to toast your testicles with some electric current while we ask you about what you two discussed."

4. The plaintive cry of the diehard defender goes like this: "How dare they do this -- that is just the normal way things are conducted around here." In which case, why would they be so agitated if the Democratics get up off their "oh woe is me" bed of pain once in a while and play the same game? In either case, Perjury and Obstruction of Justice seemed to be crimes those people found egregious, just, oh 7 years ago. And those are real honest-to-God genuine felonious crimes.

But THAT WAS DIFFERENT BECAUSE there's this Fundie belief that Sperm is The Apple and Blow Jobs re-create the Original Sin. All I can say is how do we know that Harriet Miers isn't under the desk doing Georgie during those long legal conferences? Why else would he think she should be given the gift of life-long power at the Supreme Court?

("Ahhh Christ, Harriet that was good... what can I possibly do to ... no, I'm not going down on you, stop asking ... what can I give you -- something wonderful -- something that belongs to the American People -- to show you how much I appreciate it when you pop your upper and lower plates out and ... Supreme Court? You got it. Pour me another Jim Beam and write me a speech.")

Only the fact that the image is too hideous to spend much time thinking about prevents that possibility from being investigated.

As to Patrick Fitzgerald, I am reminded of the words of Major General Smedley Darlington Butler, USMC, twice-Medal of Honor recipient, who went on leave from the Marines to be a special investigator in Philadelphia looking into corruption in the City Government. After he was fired for looking at the rot too high up the food chain for the mayor's comfort, he said: "If I had known who THEY were, I would never have taken the job. And if they had know who I was, they would never have hired me." Fortunately for us, even the smug and arrogant Bush administration couldn't find a way to fire Mr. Fitzgerald, who, if they had, might have said the exact same words.

They act all legal and wise, but really, it's just about how the little boys want to play dress-up and war -- with toy soldiers, i.e., other people's bodies. Swaggering around the playground and pushing the weak kids' faces down in the mud, laughing and spitting, then going home to play Dungeons and Dragons with real money from the U.S. Treasury.

I wish them long long lives surrounded by all the wealth they've stolen, insulated and isolated by their wealth. And throughout those long lives of luxury, I can only hope that they may never again be able to close their eyes without seeing the decomposing corpses of those they've caused to die, see them rising up and coming after them. And that the Jesus they preach about and prey to -- the one they seem to think is God of Vengeance -- listens to their prayers for relief and treats them the same way they expect Him to treat those who disagree with them -- He tells them to fuck off, that he's busy with people who actually are trying to live good lives.

Pleasant Dreams, you hypocritical motherfuckers.


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