So much for integrity -- John McCain re-lives the old saying: "Show me a hero and I'll write you a tragedy."

What the fuck is John McCain doing spouting crap for Arnold's Proposition to re-district California so the Republicans can take over.

McCain had his shot -- fuck him -- he was a hero when the chips were down, but he backed off of Bush's scabrous slanders rather than throw down the gauntlet in 2000.

And now he's felching the Nazi Cop's kid?

So much for Mr. Integrity

Let's have new blood --

Kinky Friedman for Governor of Texas

Or old blood that still flows -- Ron Dellums for Governor of California

Or not -- let's just please -- God deliver us -- let's not have to see that tired old fart McCain serving as a towel boy for the new wave of Republican Bullies. Better he should have given it up in Vietnam, you know, where neither he nor any of us should havew been in the first place? Iraq with rice and French cuisine.)

(I used to know some Abraham Lincoln Battalion veterans who often thought perhaps it would have been better all around had they died on the hill in Spain. It wouldn't have been -- they taught me a lot about right and wrong, enriched my life with ethical and perceptual realities.)


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