Hey, W., It's Safe! Read This -- Maureen Dowd

Dear Maureen -- thank you for letting your brother Kevin write your Christmas column -- without comment -- so he could have enough rope to show us all what an asshole he is.

To be kind, let me just say about him and the others who scream these sort of inanities -- he/they sure have a rich fantasy life.

For example:

So first, I'd like to give a big thank you to Speaker Hastert for ordering the renamed Holiday tree to revert to its original title of Christmas tree. And why not? We do not decorate the tree for Easter or the Fourth of July. It is a Christmas tree.

Well it was America's number one pretend-Christian (George W Bush) and his people who decided it was a Holiday Tree. And don't tell me a man who's trademark line is "Who cares what YOU think?" was intimidated by public opinion.

To the P.C. Elites: The founding fathers guaranteed Freedom OF Religion, not Freedom FROM Religion. Please go away, you are making my hair hurt.

Actually they DID guarantee both, but perhaps you haven't actually READ the Constitution.

To Michael Moore, Rob Reiner, Barbra Streisand, Susan Sarandon, Tim Robbins and Alec Baldwin... MSNBC: Susan Estrich, Katrina vanden Heuvel, Lanny Davis... Hillary (sic)

The Usual band of suspects dragged out for another whipping. No marks for original thought, although I'm sure you did well with Original Sin in school.

To Bill O'Reilly: Thank you

Jeezus! Bill O'Reilly's charge of a War Against Christmas is based on LESS evidence than the WMD's in Iraq.


The same people that are calling for troop withdrawal were under their beds on 9/12/01 screaming "Kill the Infidels!" Let's fight them there instead of here and bring our troops home with honor as soon as possible.

You know this for a fact, right? Or are you thinking of ALL the members of the pro-war Bush administration who hid under their beds during the Vietnam War while those of us who were Lefties answered our draft calls and actually paid back the United States for the benefits it had given us -- whether or not we wanted to, whether or not we felt we had more important things to do or not.. and by the way -- wasn't Dick Cheney hiding under a bed in an undisclosed location on 9-11?

So thank you once again, Maureen -- your brother has a rich fantasy life, for sure. He's also a schmuck who reminds me of nothing so much as the kids from St. Louis Church who used to chase Jews in the small town screaming "Fadda says you killed our lord."

And -- oh yeah --

To Judge Jones of Pennsylvania: No Intelligent Design? You are going to be hoping for a Big Bang if St. Peter is checking ID's.

And you, sir, actually KNOW there is a Saint Peter and a Heaven, because may be in for a BIG disappointment when you find out just how much bullshit there might be in the dogma you've been trained to believe. (There are those who say Jesus was gay ... yep. Him and his boys, hanging out together... living with his mother into his 30's. Hmmm?)

And even if there is, how will you feel when you find out which side of Good-Evil your stance of denouncing and insulting others who don't agree with you is on. Because you behave as if you REALLY think Jesus followed "turn the other cheek" with "Just joking -- nahh, kill 'em all if they fuck with you."


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