I was watching Washington Journal again on CSPAN this morning, and all the talk was about the Iraq elections and the Republicans (self-identified) wereslamming the New York Times for not covering it. And when Brian Lamb pointed out that they had big big front-page stories on the election, but no editorial, they (the GOP-ers) shifted to attacking them for no editorial.

(Brian Lamb is repeatedly attacked by right-wingers for being "obviously biased in favor of Liberals," and by Lefties for being "obviously biased in favor of Conservatives." Which tells me he's doing something right.)

The other aspect of this attitude was and is to shout about how the Democrats this and the Democrats that and -- apparently they don't read the papers thoroughly enough to realize the Republicans have controlled the entire government for the past several years -- and how "these people (Democrats) hate Bush so much they won't give him credit for anything, but would rather complain."

And of course these people were -- during the Clinton administration -- constantly giving Bill Clinton whatever credit he might have deserved for whatever -- the economy, stopping the genocide (even if somewhat belatedly) in the Balkans, getting Compassionate Leave, and COBRA, and other such socially-needed programs into law -- and these people NEVER attacked Hilary as a witch, a bitch, a murdering lesbian monster, or even -- as Rush Limbaugh did -- mocked their 13-year-old daughter's bad hair days on his network show -- something extraordinarily cruel and low even for that piece of pompous piece of babbling shit.

They didn't, did they?

Didn't they all hold up a calming hand during the Clinton years at the continual attacks on them, and tell friends and co-workers "Wait, let's see how it works out."

Because it still remains to be seen whether this adventurist slaughter and ravaging in Iraq comes out well, as Bush and his people anticipated, or if this election is just one more step toward civil war (by so clearly defining the factions who want power), or alliance with Iran, or whatever might come from de-stabilizing the Meddle East.

It is not treason to wonder what the outcome of an adventure that has not yet reached a stable outcome will be?

And it is not treason to think it looks as if it's heading for disaster.

Thinking it's looking as if it's going to turn out badly is NOT THE SAME as WANTING it to turn out badly ... or as Lenny Bruce said about another topic but a similar phenomenon, about people who didn't understand that "Educating someone about syphilis is NOT instruction go out and get it."

You people -- not ALL Republicans -- but the ones who do that stuff -- are just tiresome and all your comments tell us (and I'm NOT a Democrat) is that you don't have enough brains to think for yourself, but gobble up the daily talking points and catch-phrases. My friend Bob, a Republican, who rarely misses a chance to point to why he suports Bush and etc., tells me what he thinks in his own words, and uses his own thoughts -- and is therefore worth listening to because he's showing me a different point of view from mine, and often makes points worth considering and even -- yes -- even worth incorporating into my own perspective.

The rest of you who parrot the pathetic Scott McClellan's talking points -- just Boring.




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