Condosleeza gets the General Powell treatment -- the public High Colonic

Ahh, there she was on Tim Russert's Meet the Press last night, new hairdo -- the old Hitler bias-bang slash gone for a softer look, and it didn't help.

Over and over again she said:

"The President HAD the authority... ( to tap phones without a court order/warrant/probable cause.")

Over and over Tim Russert countered:

"And what authority is that?"

"Well, I'm not a lawyer..."

They went around and around with the gap-toothed golem invoking the magickal mantra: "NINE-ELEVEN ... NINE-ELEVEN ... NINE-ELEVEN."

And over and over again ...

"He had the authority"
"What authority is that?"
"I'm not a lawyer..."

(In other words, "I'm out here looking like a fool, standing up for the Monkey Boy and I don't have any idea what I'm talking about."

Either that, or she knew the Talking Point she was supposed to use -- the one A.G. Gonzalez used today -- that Bush had "inherent authority" as President "to break the law," and in her mind, even she still had some principles, and she sang of Olaf glad and big, and thought, as he did: "...there is some shit I will not eat.")

And she was nervous and distracted and slipping, skipping words and thoughts.

She had the look on her face that told us she finally found out what the former Secty of State -- General High Colonic found out:

1. Bush and his people will use you till Hell won't have it.

2. They'll take whatever credibility you've managed to acquire in your life and use it for toilet paper.

3. Having your life publicly sodomized by these people is NOT fun, not comfortable, not right.

And she didn't like it.

And that bodes not-so-good for Bush -- he's always had a Mommy to bail him out of his dirty diapers and other messes he makes -- Barbara, Laura, Karen Hughes, Condie...

Colin Powell is one thing -- a pussycat -- but fucking with Condosleeza is another.

Mommies Rule.

Mommies slap bad boys down.

Even Kobe Bryant wouldn't go there,where Condie is concerned

(Jeezuz -- just look at her face when she's not aware she's being photographed -- not only Monkey Boy's mommy, but Grendel's Mother, too.)

Monkey Boy may not be getting away with this one --
This was no Harriet Meiers he humiliated.

He'd better be looking over his shoulder.


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