Once again ...

"But EVERYONE in the world ALSO

believed there were weapons of mass destruction in Iraq"

No, they didn't, and least of all were the people who were actually there as inspectors and who spoke out --- Hans Blix didn't, Scott Ritter didn't and Scott Ritter been there and seen what there was to see and had published his findings in the Boston Globe on Saturday, July 20, 2002, in an article titled:

Is Iraq a True Threat to the US?

In the article, he explains, WMD by WMD why they weren't there and couldn't possibly be there (deterioration of elements involved, etc).

Oh yeah, Mohammed el Baradei of the International Atomic Energy Agency (the UN group that oversees who's doing what with nuclear stuff), the man who just won the Nobel Peace Prize didn't believe it and also told us.

So this array of multiple pieces of shit we call an administration lie, run amok, break laws, and in essence, do whatever they feel like to serve their oil-hungry masters. And as Noam Chomsky pointed out in the interview referred to in the posting below, they discredited, mocked, and attacked anyone in the mainstream who dared to suggest this war was about controlling the oil in the Middle East.

We get a very small percentage of our oil from that part of the world -- most is either domestic or comes from Canada or Mexico or Venezuela (did anyone wonder why those assholes in the White House got so upset when the people of Venezuela elected the presidente THEY wanted instead of the one WE wanted? And by WE I mean THEY in the WHITE HOUSE, not me or anyone I know.)

Incompetent assholes, I should say -- they couldn't even pull off a Latin American coup, something the USA government has had more than 100 years of experience and 50-60 successes in doing. Someone should have told them to read the manual.

It's not that we need it (the oil), but, as Chomsky pointed out in the interview, controlling access of oil to OTHER countries is about pure power.

To repeat -- the short version -- these ghouls LIE, they CHEAT, they STEAL, they KILL, they BREAK WHATEVER LAWS stand in their way, DESTROY whatever people stand in their way -- and -- bottom line?

They don't care if you or I live or die.

They believe they OWN America, and pretty much, they do.


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