Thousands of Fatah Members Protest in Gaza

IBRAHIM BARZAK Associated Press Writer

January 27,2006 | GAZA CITY, Gaza Strip -- Thousands of activists from Palestinian leader Mahmoud Abbas' Fatah Party demonstrated in the West Bank and Gaza Strip on Friday, burning abandoned cars, shooting in the air and demanding corrupt leaders resign after their devastating election loss to the militant Hamas movement.

--And they're the GOOD GUYS!

Acting Israeli Foreign Minister Tzipi Livni asked world leaders not to legitimize a government led by Hamas, saying elections are not a "whitewash" for terrorist groups.

Livni told reporters that Israel's withdrawal from the Gaza Strip last summer opened a window of opportunity in peace efforts, but with the election of Hamas, "the Palestinians slammed it shut.

Guess he's too young to remember how Palestine got to be Israel in the first place, what with the the Stern Gang and the Irgun blowing stuff up, like the King David Hotel.

And this is NOT a knock on the beginnings of Israel -- if you have no power, that's pretty much the only way to make your point, but then it's called 'terrorism.' (whereas if you are IN power, it's called 'Collateral Damage.')

This is a knock on today's hypocritical attitude toward people who got to be the government by doing EXACTLY the same things the Zionists did a few years back.

And oh, yeah -- the irony? Israel and the US helped CREATE Hamas as a way to undercut Yassar Arafat's political power base.

Talk about 'Unintended Consequences." Almost as bad as the CIA teaching Osama ben Ladn how to blow things up.


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