Four Dallas Police Officers Shot

February 16,2006

Four police officers were shot Thursday as they tried to serve a federal drug warrant on a home in southwest Dallas.

The officers had approached the home in an armored personnel carrier, Watson said. When they announced the raid over a loudspeaker, someone inside the home started shooting, he said...

The suspects later surrendered. Authorities said three people, including a 10-year-old boy and a person who was wounded, were taken into custody.


---with 28 gauge overpriced shotguns? It's becoming a new sport in Texas? I mean more than in the Oil Swamps of Victoria ... ahh bad analogies. Sorry. Nasty joke in poor taste.

Especially because shooting each other has ALWAYS been sport in Texas.

It's why Ben Taub Hospital in Houston developed a gunshot trauma emergency room back inthe 1970's capable of routinely saving people who'd be written off as D.O.A. anywhere else.

Sorry about that, officers. Hope you all recover without any ill effects.


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