Some interesting points about the Dick who's second-in-command

Mr. Vice President, It's Time to Go

Published: February 16, 2006

There's a reason Dick Cheney is obsessive about shunning the spotlight. His record is not the kind you want to hold up for intense scrutiny.

More than anyone else, he was fanatical about massaging and distorting the intelligence that plunged us into the flaming quagmire of Iraq...

And while the nation's brave young soldiers and marines were bouncing around Iraq in shamefully vulnerable Humvees and other vehicles, dodging bullets, bombs and improvised explosive devices, Mr. Cheney (a gold-medal winner in the acquisition of wartime deferments) felt perfectly comfortable packing his fancy 28-gauge Perazzi shotgun and heading off to Texas with a covey of fat cats to shoot quail.

Matters went haywire, of course, when he shot Mr. Whittington instead.

That was the moment when the legend of the tough, hawkish, take-no-prisoners vice president began morphing into the less-than-heroic image of a reckless, scowling incompetent who mistook his buddy for a bird...

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Gotta think in terms of Dick Cheney being in the role of Spiro Agnew, who was Nixon's Nixon (i.e., as was Nixon to Ike -- the mud-slinging, underhanded, dirty-dealing, vicious thug, willing to do the sort of things that make decent men vomit, and who thinks of it as 'being tough,' instead of realizing it means he's just an ambitious shameless greedy slavey sociopath who figures he's already damned forever so why not pile up the additional crimes).

Except in this administration it's more like Cheney is Spiro Agnew to President Dan Quayle.

People tell me you can't hold a physical anomaly against a person (Cheney's sneering mean-villain facial expression) to which I can only answer with the old observation "By the time a man is 50, he's created the face he has by his actions."



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