Peggy Noonan -- well, she wrote the line "Morning in America," didn't she? So now it's "Sunset on Cheney." (Or, to put it another way, she's saying "I, like the rest of the rats who went along with a moron and overlooked his pathology because he had the money and connections to win, now I am scuttering off the sinking ship.)


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Why Bush may be thinking about replacing Cheney.

Thursday, February 16, 2006 12:01 a.m. EST
The Dick Cheney shooting incident will, in a way, go away. And, in a way, not--ever. Some things stick. Gerry Ford had physically stumbled only once or twice in public when he became, officially, The Stumbler...

Same with Dick Cheney. He's been painted as the dark force of the administration, and now there's a mental picture to go with the reputation. Pull! Sorry, Harry! Pull!..

I suspect what they're thinking (the Bush Administration) and not saying is . . . wouldn't you like to replace Cheney?"

...Who would that be? That's what I suspect the president's men are asking themselves. But silently...


She overlooks one thing -- Bush is Cheney's sock puppet, his bitch. So how does BUSH get to make the choice? Only thing I see is the traditional Republican answer to this sort of situation -- small plane crash.



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