Half-past a half-assed administration

OK -- we all already know that the construct that calls itself George W Bush is a lying piece of shit that attempts to walk like a man (actually, more of a prance than a walk), but even throughout this administration that has been thoroughly incompetent at anything but stealing from the American public, there was some methodology.

But this -- blathering about promoting research into alternative energy sources in his annual performance bullshit art speech -- this was a new low.

In past years, he would lie about anything, tell us how he will do this and do that -- and THEN, in following weeks, gut the budget for those items. But now they're really losing it in the Skunkworks shop that keeps his simulacra chips clean and operative ... this time, everyone knew HE'D ALREADY cut the budget on those items. Repeatedly. Everyone except them.

When they can't even keep their lies together, you know (YOU KNOW), as Wm Burroughs said about just this type of people:
"Pack yer ermines Mary, the whole shithouse is going up in chunks."


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