I have friend in Houston whose job

has caused him to see and/or meet Ken Lay and Skilling a couple of times.

(... or Lie and Killing as we refer to them out here)

And he says he thinks they're actually nice guys, especially Ken Lay who, he contends, seems as if he didn't have a clue what was going on.

BUT -- every time we pay our $300 a month PG&E bill (which jumped from $120 a month thanks to Enron a few years back and never came down) I think:

"Send them to the new Florence Colorado, Max Security Fed Prison, 22.5 hour a day lockdown, beatings, deprivation -- and pay for their incarceration by charging visitors $25 each to come and piss into their cells. All their former employees whose retiremements they gutted -- they get to piss for free."

If that's too harsh, then some other High Security Prison, one like the California State Prison at Soledad, aka The Gladiator School, where new fish are given a garbage can lid and a stick and set loose in the yard.

They always talk, these thieving pieces of shit that actually call themselves "businessmen" with a straight face, they always talk about how tough they are. OK. Let's take them at their word.

I think Guantanamo would be ok, too -- nice tropical paradise.

The point I make to my friend about them being nice guys is this -- "So what?"

They're not being put on trial for being unpleasant.
Or for being vague.

They were busted for being thieves.

And even Kenny Boy's pal, George W Bush (who didn't him, he doesn't think) couldn't kill the case or even keep it out of court while he still plays video games in the Oval Office.

Put them in with prisoners who robbed and killed because they couldn't afford to pay their heating bill. Let them discuss the niceties of financial percentages out in the general population.


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