GOP Chair Says Clinton Turns Off Voters

-- as someone who regards Ken Mehlman as a straight-out liar every time I see him, this is the first time I think I've ever heard anything that's probably true.

I'm someone who usually votes Democratic, and she lost my vote when she plumped for a flag-burning amendment. I think the Bush Republicans have taken away more than enough First Amendment Rights all by themselves.

And this wiggle-wobble on Iraq is Gore-Kerry-Custardy bullshit.

"We shouldn't have gone into Iraq (in other words, it was a criminal venture) but now that we're there, we can't leave." (Sort of like "I shouldn't have broken into your house, but now that I'm in there and have committed a felony, I really should do the right thing and take all your stuff and kill your dog, too.")

"Democratic Sen. Hillary Rodham Clinton, a potential presidential contender in 2008, "seems to have a lot of anger" and voters usually do not send angry candidates to the White House, the Republican Party chairman said Sunday."

--on the other hand, Mrs Clinton's anger is perhaps her most attractive (and vote-encouraging) aspect. It's the single most notably lacking attribute I can see in any and almost all of the Democrats, something I usually link with a similar lack of spine -- unless that's part of the same thing. (Actually her anger seems faked, and THAT IS unattractive.)

If Dukakis should have gotten angry when he was considering the rape of his wife, how then should we respond after watching the rape of our country these last five years?

Angry as hell. (And if there's a God, pray that we don't have to take it much longer.)


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