If you kick a dog, don't wonder why it's biting you... or "Why so surprised that the Palestinians elected a Hamas government?

And I AM NOT calling Arabs dogs (especially since Arab people do not have the warm fuzzy feelings about carnivores that sniff each others' asses and eat their own vomit that we do). I'm only using it to make an analogy.

(My only complaint with the Arabs, historically, is that they invented Algebra and other forms of higher mathematics, and I can't understand them any better than I can read that beautiful script their language is written in. But without them, we'd still be counting on our fingers, as the Romans did.)

Perhaps a better title would be:

"If you give a man a fish, he'll eat for a day. If you fuck with his life, kill his family, despoil his holy places, and insult his country, he'll find a way to get back at you."

In a quantum universe, cause doesn't always bring a direct traceable effect, but the election of Hamas -- and the terror it's causing in government circles -- convinces me to present this sequence of events:

After WWII, we overthrew the Mossadegh government of Iran in order to put the monster Reza Pahlavi onto the resurrected Peacock Throne, and he -- with our backing -- created a secret police that seemed like nothing so much as an homage to the gestapo. The people of Iran really didn't like it.

In the Nixon years, after the grass-roots revolutionary overthrow of the government of Iraq, we installed Saddam Hussein as its 600-pound gorilla. The people who did it, the ones who played patty-cake with him throughout the Reagan Administration (George HW Bush, Rumsfeld, Cheney, et al) used April Glaspie during the Prez 41 Regime to sucker Saddam Hussein into crossing into Kuwait (Ms Glaspie later died in a curious single-car fatal accident and is unable to verify what happened). They knew it could work since Kuwait was slant-drilling Iraqi oil, as well as having been -- in a part of the world where memories go back 4,000 years -- part of Iraq until 1923 when the Brits cut it out of their country). So 43 convinced the Saudi's that Saddam was actually massing to invade their sandbox. The reason for this was to get -- finally -- a US Military Base in Araby.

The Ben Ladn family -- long-time friends and business partners to the Bushes -- helped persuade the king to let the US do it.

After our mujahaddin-armed and trained forces ran the Russians* out of Afghanistan back to their dachas, Osama ben Ladn came home, loaded for bear.

His mission? Asking his poppa for money so he could put an army together and head north and take out Saddam Hussein whose secular attitude (women could drive, run their own businesses, people could buy an alcoholic drink in hotels, etc) he considered a "disgrace to Islam."

As far as Osama was concerned, Saddam was a devil, a blood enemy. (No chance in hell for there to be that so-called alliance -- and our government people all knew it -- or should have. They also knew that Saddam, despised as much by everyone on all sides as George W Bush has become, could never admit he had no WMD's.)

When Osama found out that his people had allowed the United States to put a military base on their sacred land, he was shocked and appalled and told his father and the princes, essentially "Fuck you too."

This led to two attempts to remove the World Trade Center Towers -- the second one we all know about (since Bush 43 can't stop ringing that 9-11 bell).

---with me so far? This all happened.

OK -- by 9-12, the Bushies knew they could do a fast shuffle and convince the stunned American public that they had to go into Iraq, because Saddam and Osama were both -- well, in the Bush/Redneck/Texas eyes, they were both what the oilmen call "sand niggers." So of course they'd be pals, just like, for example, Midwestern white Americans like Dick Cheney and Michael Moore are buddies.

(Oh, there was also the matter of $5 billion in kickbacks from Saddam to Vice Prez Bush given when Bush was leader of the Iraq side group in the Iran-Iraq War scenario-scheming. Coincidentally, the same amount found missing from Banco Lavoro, the conduit for such bribes, and blamed on a 25-year old clerk. Those documents had to disappear.)

And the invasion of Iraq led more or less directly to the election of Hamas in Palestine. (Among other shifts toward the more extreme practitioners of Islam all over the world. Think Pat Robertson in a turban.)

And that, dear friends, is how Hamas (a group we helped form, along with Ariel Sharon, as an alternative to Yassar Arafat's people. Sharon is getting out while the getting's not as bad as it's going to get.)

This is not a "They're good -- we're bad" rant.

They (Saddam Hussein, Osama Ben Ladn, Wowie Zarqowi, Zawahiri, et al) seem to be religious-fanatic sociopath monsters -- again, think Pat Robertson in a turban.

This is "They're monsters -- we're a bunch of stupid assholes poking sticks at scary monsters, assholes too ignorant and arrogant to notice they're really getting pissed off."

*(Zbignew Brzezinski has bragged that it was he who taunted the Russians into invading Afghanistan.)


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