Blair: 'God will be my judge on Iraq'

By Andy McSmith


Tony Blair has proclaimed that God will judge whether he was right to send British troops to Iraq, echoing statements from his ally George Bush.

Contradicting warnings from advisers not to mix politics and religion, the Prime Minister said that his interest in politics sprang from his Christianity and its "values and philosophy" had guided him in public life...


Oh Tony, if there IS a God, you and Bushwah surely DO NOT WANT THAT DEITY to judge you.

What you both have done -- ringing that God bell over and over and over again until you bent that bell in prusuit of empire, power and wealth -- amounts to fucking God in the ass for your own glory. And perhaps you remember, in your mythology, what happened to the fellow who merely wanted to share the throne.

You'd both be far better off letting us judge you -- we probably wouldn't much worse than an "Upside-down-Mussolini with an Angry-Crowd/ pitchforks & torches/ up the hill to Doc Frankenstein's Castle" Combination (difficulty level 3.7).

Unless, of course, we decided to let the Iraqi's judge you inwhich case, you'd WISH they'd leave it at hanging you up by your heels and beating you with sticks.

Remember -- in the cosmic meta-world of gods and judgments -- it's the people from Abu Ghraib and Gitmo who get to decide.


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