Monday, May 01, 2006

The White House on Sunday defended its prewar planning against criticism from an unlikely source -- former Secretary of State Colin Powell.

In an interview broadcast Sunday in London, Powell revisited the question of whether the U.S. had a large enough force to oust Saddam Hussein and then secure the peace.

Powell said he advised now-retired Gen. Tommy Franks, who developed and executed the 2003 Iraq invasion plan, and Defense Secretary Donald H. Rumsfeld "before the president that I was not sure we had enough troops. The case was made, it was listened to, it was considered. ... A judgment was made by those responsible that the troop strength was adequate...

"The president's military advisers felt that the size of the force was adequate; they may still feel that years later. Some of us don't. I don't," Powell said. "In my perspective, I would have preferred more troops, but you know, this conflict is not over."

"At the time, the president was listening to those who were supposed to be providing him with military advice," Powell said. "They were anticipating a different kind of immediate aftermath of the fall of Baghdad; it turned out to be not exactly as they had anticipated."


"I'm asking politely -- now that I get $100,000 for each speaking engagement, can I please have my balls back?"

Condi Rice, who now is the current Secty of State taking up the bum for Monkey Boy's pleasure, dissed Powell with her withering "I'm certain he said SOMETHING, but blah blah and blah blah and fssst to him."


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