Regarding California's Prop 82

I am definitely in favor of pre-school.

And frankly, I don't care if getting it sets up a beaurocracy as big as Rob Reiner's ass.

Taxing the wealthy, while an easy and cheap shot, is good stuff, too.

Not perfect, but it might be a good thing.

And I am often a Lefty and proud of it -- not a Liberal -- Libertarian Left --

Still -- I have to VOTE an EMPHATIC NO on Prop 82 because...

ANYTHING that will give Rob Reiner approval and encourage him to keep coming up with yet another of his inane simpering 'look at me - I'm a good boy' kiss ass Propositions for Leftist Fascism, has to be stomped into the ground.

SO --- PUHLEESE --- for the sake of decency and our children -- on aesthetic grounds, if nothing else -- save our children from ever having to see that smug, whiny face of the Left's version of Pat Robertson in any more elections --

end the Rob Reiner scourge NOW --



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