Bush to Lay Wreath at Arlington

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May 29,2006 | WASHINGTON -- "As he observes Memorial Day today, President Bush is expected to say more sacrifices may be needed in Iraq. At Arlington National Cemetery, Bush will lay a wreath at the Tomb of the Unknowns.

Bush is also signing a bill this morning that bars protesters from some military funerals."


---so, if anyone wants to stand outside a military funeral of a friend or neighbor with a sign asking why there was no body armor or Humvee armor, now THAT'S illegal.

Asking the Helen Thomas question -- "Why did you send troops to Iraq?" will also be prohibited.

But if Reverend Wildman or his minions shout "Your son will burn in Hell" and "God hates fags" at the parents of some dead gay kid who was lynched or died of AIDS -- that's ok -- as long as it's at a civilian funeral.

Meanwhile, former Hitler-youth Pope Ratburger goes to Auschwitz and spends all his time wailing about the Polish Catholics who were murdered there.

(And no, I don't believe he HAD to join the Hitler Youth and Sig Heil the monster. I'm certain lots of followers of Jesus have refused to condone throwing people in ovens rather than get teased in the playground.)

You wouldn't have thought it would be the Pope who would come up with a new, improved definition of CHUTZPAH.


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