Correction to the Neocon-Trotskyite posting in this column

Actually, this particular bunch of miscreants were not exactly Trots .. the people who made them Neocons, like Leo Strauss, had been Trots prior to becoming fascists, mostly because Stalin awas proving more and more anti-semitic and their primary concern for the existence of israel, also preceiving the Left to be largely anti-Zionist, moved them over to becoming Bill of Rights Shredders and literal Fascists -- i.e., people who advocate an authoritarian government that is a fusion of state and corporation.

People who want to rule the world ALWAYS have a good excuse why they need to have all the power and YOU (and I) need to SHUT UP or be PUNISHED.

And, in the words of an old German philosopher who understood good excuses -- even was the source of many culled from his writing, but not this one:

"Distrust all in whom
the impulse to punish is powerful."

Friedrich Nietzche, Thus Spake Zarathustra

(My thanks to Jeannie Dritz for correcting me on this.)


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