Good Night, little Joey, and goodbye

So -- the day before the Connecticut Demo Primary, little Joey decides he actually DOES NOT enjoy smooching Monkey Boy's backside, as if to say (to paraphrase the old commercial) --
"I'm not a butt-kisser, I just play one in the senate."

And the "pundits" keeps saying it's ONLY about the war or ONLY about his "friendship" with Bush -- NO ONE is friends with Bush -- he's the classic Kiss-up/Kick down bully -- John Bolton with lots of daddy's money.

Bush acts tough until he's called on his swagger (Lebanon, Iraq, Iran, Korea, Darfur) and then he's "Well, there's nothing I can do about it" ("This job is HARD.")

Or Condi "But we only want a LASTING PEACE (like if you can point to ONE in the Middle East the last 1200 years, I'll buy it) --

or Rumdum ("We're doing the best we can," ) and I don't doubt it, but thank you for your effort, you're OBVIOUSLY not up to the job.

And oh, Rumdum -- that arrogant, dismissive, patronizing, belittling "My goodness" he gave to Senator Clinton's long overdue harsh questioning... Rummy's perhaps the only person in the world (other than Dick Cheney) who still thinks we're even in the game in Iraq (4th quarter, Yale-Columbia, the score is 63 to 7 and the coach is saying "It's not over until the final gun.")

Noam Chomsky has said that none of them are liars or hypocrites -- that, at that level, you couldn't stand the strain if you didn't actually believe what it is you're saying, which is what makes it impossible to talk to those people from a different viewpoint.

I still say the first thing the new prez and new congress in January of 2009 should do is arraign the lot for crimes against and turn them over to the World Court (the one they refused to subscribe to) -- win back the respect of the world, and MAYBE go on from there, working for respect and not fear....

Again, my fantasist side comes up and colors the political side ... wll, hell, why should I accept THEIR reality -- you've seen THEIR reality -- it's crap.



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