A thought about America's favorite skinny blonde bitch sociopath, Ann Coulter...

In an article about Rep. Murtha and the attack on him, there was THIS bit of information:

That is why Ann Coulter bestowed one of the most coveted badges of honor in contemporary America on Murtha in late June, when she called for his death. The Democratic vet, she said, is "the reason soldiers invented fragging..."

See, when you're on the Bush side, you're allowed to posit the benefits of killing a politician... that fact that the troops in his command loved him doesn't matter.

I can only think, using that twisted logic, Ann Coulter is "the reason thug mobs invented gang rape."

She might be the ONLY woman in the world for whom that possibility might be attractive.

Altho that Adam's Apple suggests HE might be the only woman in the world who longs for being beaten and abused by a succession of thugs.


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