From David Brooks' Sunday NY TIMES Column on how wonderful Rick Santorum is ...

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"Every poll suggests that Rick Santorum will lose his race to return to the U.S. Senate. That’s probably good news in Pennsylvania’s bobo suburbs, where folks regard Santorum as an ideological misfit and a social blight. But it’s certainly bad for poor people around the world...

"Like many people who admire his output, I disagree with Santorum on key matters like immigration, abortion, gay marriage. I’m often put off by his unnecessarily slashing style and his culture war rhetoric.

"But government is ultimately not about the theater or the light shows of public controversy, it’s about legislation and results. And the substance of Santorum’s work is impressive. Bono, who has worked closely with him over the years, got it right: “I would suggest that Rick Santorum has a kind of Tourette’s disease; he will always say the most unpopular thing. But on our issues, he has been a defender of the most vulnerable.”

Defender of the most vulnerable?
Puhleese --

Santorum is the number on Fag Basher in Congress -- those people aren't vulnerable? Gay men and women are subject to the most egregious treatment nearly everywhere, and unless they're actually lynched in a public place -- as in California's Shamehole, Concord -- the local police station is generally no more than another place to be treated with contempt and abuse by all those boys in leather playing with their nightsticks.

Santorum is a leading hater of girls and young women who find themselves pregnant after their male friends PROMISED them they were wearing protection or that they'd "pull out first," interfering in their most private decisions, deciding he has more right to decide their biological rights than they do (he receives this authority from his invisible friend).
Those girls and young women -- THEY'RE not vulnerable?

On immigrants, I can only ask: Santorum -- that's a Native American name? Build a wall. Right. We're all 9 years old and making snowball forts.


As they say "Democracy isn't perfect."

Bono -- who shall after this be imprinted in my mind as Bonehead -- I can only say -- hey Bonehead, I know Sir Bob (Geldof) and you goddamn well ain't no Sir Bob.

You want to see VULNERABLE? Just read a list of who Santorum regularly attacks.

And to be honest, I never thought your band was any good, either.

You're just Australia's cross between Tom Jones* and Bill Bennett. In other words -- a thug using his brief candle to piss on everyone you dislike and seek approval from everyone else.

It's called "Kiss up/Kick down."

As for David Brooks, the jury is still out on whether he is a putative asshole or a certified one.


*Except Tom Jones has some sense of humor about himself.


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