I'm getting scared now -- he's actually made himself king

This is scary...

Feb. 1, 2007 | Washington was treated to a curious American spectacle on Monday. A president repudiated by virtually every sector of the political system has responded by arrogating more power to himself.

Under the executive order Bush signed Monday, federal regulators will answer to a new set of Bush appointees in each agency, who will determine whether their proposed rules properly serve the Bush agenda. As Peter Strauss of the Columbia Law School told the New York Times, "Having lost control of Congress, the president is doing what he can to increase his control of the executive branch."

OK, my worry? There are something like 300 million guns in this country (not in my house, but I always was out of step).

I have wondered for a while why no one has shot this fool. JFK pointed out that no matter how many guards you've got, someone can get through, if they really want to.

(Of course it makes it a lot easier if the ones trying to get through are government people. Now people are pointing at GHW Bush - #41 as one of the conspirators. Let's give it up -- we're never going to know WHO. We can pretty well conclude there were some government people involved -- perhaps even a CIA person or two -- not "THE CIA" but perhaps one or two individuals who were IN the CIA. Or not. But anyone who knows actual names is either dead or one of them. People have spent 40+ years trying to fix blame. But no one's really working on fixing the problem -- the murder of the dream.)

All I can say to anyone who might go ballistic at this latest power grab -- there aren't enough numbers to count the dollar amount of theft and plunder the Resident and his Hench-creatures can pull off with this new self-coronation -- but all I can say to anyone who may be tempted to use those expensive weapons:





It will only embolden the slime-molds that think he's a decent human being.

(Not decent. Not a human being)

It may seem intolerable to suffer this thieving murdering fool one minute longer, but PLEASE -- for the sake of the country, let it play out. Let this piece of detritus rule the length of his term, smirking and swaggering, lying and stealing -- so despicable and monstrous in his arrogance that FINALLY, when he's sent back to Texas, America will no longer tolerate any of this:

War as a whim

Plunder of the treasury for friends and masters

Arrogant contempt for law, constitution, and human decency

Ok so I'm an optimist.


Let him stay in office until even the last 30% can see what a foul unwholesome reptilian virus he and his mob actually are.

Even though he's now actually trying to cheerlead a war with the Persians.

Even though he steadfastly refuses to point an accusatory finger at Saudi Arabia, which is supplying money and arms and humans to the insurgency in Iraq.

Even though he adamantly refuses to acknowledge that ALMOST ALL of the 9-11 murderers were SAUDI ARABIAN RICH KIDS. Psycho sociopathic offspring of rich oil people -- sort of like him.

Stay your hand and let him finish his term so EVERYONE can FINALLY see what sort of creature this thing and his masters are -- see the criminals exposed and rebuked.

And then, with a new president and congress -- let's turn them ALL over to the World Court for trial on charges of Crimes Against Humanity.

And NEVER let it happen again.

Never -- which in the USA means something like 20 years or so. But if he dies in office, he'll become a saint and a model for the future and we won't even get a 20 year respite from this egregious perversion of our world. (Besides, by that time, his family and pals will own it all and won't need to steal anything else for a while.)

Besides, maybe -- I'm from the Quaker City -- maybe he'll have an epiphany, find redemption, realize that conspiracy with the undead like Pat Robertson and Jerry Fallwell is playing for the OTHER team, the one that kills, terrorizes young women, beats up people who don't get sexually excited by the same things as they do, and etc.

In other words, renounce the devil.

It's traditional, you know.


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