Against all fear; against the weight of what,

For lack of worse name, men miscall the law;

Against the tyranny of Creed, against the hot,

Foul creed of priest, and Superstition's maw;

Against all men-made shackles, and a man-made Hell ---

Alone - at last - unaided - I REBEL!

-Talbot Mundy*, 1914


*Birth name -- William Lancaster Gribbon


"Makundu Viazi ("White Arse")"

"Talbot Chetwynd Miller Mundy (Son of Earl of Shrewsbury)"

"Thomas Hartley"

"Walter Galt"


Some of his works:

The Tros of Samothrace Series (Tros, Helma, Liafail, Helene, Queen Cleopatra, Purple Pirate)

The Jimgrim Novels

and more...


Materials Toward a Bibliography of the Works of Talbot Mundy

may be downloaded as an ebook for free (in the United States) from Project Gutenberg



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