And up pops Arlen Spectre, blowing crap in our eyes

(... yeah, I know I'm using the alternative spelling, the James Bond one.)

So, here comes old Mr. "Warren Commission Single Bullet Theory" trying to mend Republican fences after he was so treasonable as to actually make a stand on principle --

and he's spouting the party-line bullshit about US Attorneys serving at the pleasure of the president, and how Clinton replaced ALL of his...

Well so did Reagan, and so does every NEW president, and in fact the attorneys always put in their resignation whenever a new prez comes in, so that's just crap.

The point about the uproar, which the Bushwah Boys are trying to obscure is that these firings were done to try to mislead voters and shift the election -- except for the Attorney who ran down Duke Cunningham's received payoff and was on the doorstep of Rep. Jerry Lewis.

The point?

Obstruction of Justice ... Interfering with a Criminal Investigation ... using political pressure to force an attorney to file fals charges (in New Jersey) and to do it BEFORE Election Day...

Pete Domenici the felon on that last one.

As has been said and is worth repeating, the majority going to the Democrats in this last election (wouldn't have if Dominici has been successful), and despiste being full of the same chicken-shit scaredy-cat greeheads as the Republicans, means one thing:



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