The only way it makes any sense at all --

The beautiful and immensely talented Australian artist, Joanna Terpstra, posted a comment on the item below that reminded me of something I'd been meaning to share --

She regards all this murder and mayhem by the empty suits in Washington DC to be "boys playing with their toys, and yeah, but there was another point I wanted to make.

I think she's right as far as it goes, but there's also something I rarely hear mentioned but am absolutely convinced is another major underlying fact -- beginning with Ronald McReagan, the Senile Clown, the policy of the Right Wingers who love to call themselves "Conservative" was simple:

"Piss away as much govt money as we can -- when possible into the pockets of our pals -- but where ever it goes -- SDI Star Wars, invading Granada, whatever insane bit of bizarro business we can come up with -- spend ourselves deeply into debt in order to be able to smile, and shrug our shoulders when it comes to money for health, schools, public works, care of the sick and elderly -- and say 'Gee, I wish we could but there's JUST NO MONEY FOR IT.'

Put the country so deep into debt, the next wave of politicians -- Like Bill Clinton's crowd -- will have to spend most of their time ALSO cuttingn programs just to dig out.

But nothing those vicious bastards in the Reagan admin (many the same players as now) came up with had the genius of Orwell and 1984 -- an endless war against an undefined enemy -- and -- the KICKER! -- hold it in a country that has nothing to do with any threat to us except the possibility of revealing how many millions and billions Saddam gave to Monkey Boy's father and daddy's pals back in Iraq-Iran-Contra days.

But she's absolutely right, even that comes down to emotionally stunted boys playing with their, uhh, toys.

You want to see something really nice? No, not JUST the lovely lady smiling happily -- but also some deceptively simple sculpture (the sexiest stuff I've seen since, as a kid, Constantin Brancusi's Bird in Flight. Or alternately,in brass, Bird in Space)

Sexy in the aesthetic "take your breath a few steps back, jump your heart a few beats up" -- pretty much above the waist stuff.

Go to her web site and enjoy. Wish I could afford some of the real ones. Maybe you, dear reader, can.

(PS -- they're STILL pissing our money into the Star Wars pot, even though it's not much of a deterrent against 19 Sunni Wahabists from Bush-family-pals' Saudi Arabia with lots and lots of advance planning* and box cutters. -- Only a fool believes in foolproof systems)

Check out Peter Lance's web site -- just watched his lengthy presentation (but riveting enough to keep me up till after 6AM) about Ali Muhammed, 9-11, the laughable 9-11 Commission, and the FBI's way of covering up embarrasment about Osama Ben Laden dating back to 1989.


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