I'm pleased to see that circumstances have forced the Bush-wah's to overcome their fear of being in the same room with Iranians and Syrians

Oh come on -- it's been simple -- they (the Bush-wah's) have been afraid of them (the local inhabitants of that area). Terrified of having to actually meet with them. ("I looked into his eyes and saw he was a sweetie-pie, that former KGB director.")

Even to the point that the USA and our allies in Saudi Arabia have been financing Al Quaeda Sunni's to keep the Shi'ia from benefitting from our destruction of the Sunni military.

Not as if they couldn't have made some moves to meet with them oh, 100,000 dead Iraqi civilians ago. (Yeah, I know, we're only supposed to count the Americans who died and were mutilated by Bush's video game called "I'll show Mommy that I'm BETTER than Daddy.")

I'm sorry -- I think, after this is all over, every family member of American, Iraqi, British, et al who were killed or wounded over there get to hit George W Bush once. Or piss on him. Their choice.

To be clear -- I do NOT hate America -- I love America (I actually went into the service when drafted -- silly me -- I thought I should, since it was THE ONE THING my country asked me to do to compensate for my privilege, even if I didn't like it) -- I hate the destruction of America this little rich kid pissant and his helpers have done and I want them to pay for it with pounds of flesh.

Call Wolfowitz back from the World bank. Drag Perle in by his balls. Karl Roverer -- grab him before he flees to Europe and exercises his dual German citizenship. Cheney, Gambon, Sleezoid Rice -- all the vile and vicious walking turds of this administration ("But I'm a nice person." "Oh yeah? Then how come EVERY THING YOU SUPPORTED either killed people or stole money for Cheney and his pals?")

Fuck 'em all.

We can only hope we no longer have to hear their names mentioned after 2008 -- except maybe as they're jumping back fences on COPS.

---Oh don't get all pissed off -- you ain't seen NOTHIN yet compared to the outpouring of total hatred the American public spews all over these guys as we -- more and more -- realize what they've done.

The only person who ever even came close to describing them was William Burroughs in Nova Express. He knew what Insect Conspiracy really meant.


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