Yeah I heard all the stupid people who were sorry Cheney didn't get nailed over there -- made me ashamed to be on the Left ...

How stupid are these people?

Do they just hate Cheney the same way the assholes on the right hate "liberals?"

Since they obviously don't understand how ANYTHING works.

Let me state the obvious:

If some psycho killed our Vice President


Get it?

One would have to be seriously into Satan-worship to not throw up at the idea of a State Funeral and glowing eulogies and ANYONE SAYING HOW WONDERFUL THAT CREEP WAS.

One would have to enjoy the sound of 200 million people vomiting simultaneously as eulogizing took place. The collapse of buildings as the sympathetic footsteps of those millions racing for the toilet bring them down. The total water supply infrastructure collapse as 200 million toilets are flushed repeatedly.

I wish you a long long life, Mr. Vice Resident and as Patty Griffin would have it "regret every thing you have done."

Let him simmer in his own slime and trust the universe to introduce him, late at night, to every person he caused to be killed, maimed, orphaned. Let him count his Halliburton money late at night as the myriad ghosts come angrily off the water into his home, pointing their fingers at him and demanding justice. Doesn't matter HOW MANY security devices and Secret Service agents he's got. They'll be having coffee and discussing how the Veep screams a lot late a night, wondering (or not) what that's all about.

(Although the truly monstrous like Cheney and Ken Lay always tend to get off easily. And every time I pay my PG&E bill, I still think someone should have made sure -- put a stake through Ken Lay's heart to make sure he doesn't get back up.)


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