After it's all said and done

After all the news people have finished wanking off on the Blacksburg death party to the point of exhaustion, and every second-rater with a degree in anything has given an opinion on why and how and what-for (opinions being, as anyone ever in the military service knows, similar to anal sphincters, i.e., everyone's got one and none of them smell like roses), I can only think that the Korean kid in Virginia might finally have felt justified --

not at having killed all those people -- there's no justification for that stuff, never --

But that he had FINALLY become a REAL American, just as with African-Americans in Paris post WWII who delighted that, unlike the white boys back home in the states, people there regarded them as real AMERICANS, and if they spit on them, it was NOT because they were black but because they were American (and perhaps therefore part of some CIA bullshit bringing down the Republic for Coca-cola, for example).

And of course, there's young Mr. Cho, picking up his guns and going ballistic and killing a bunch of people who had nothing to do with him, just happened to be there -- well, hell, if that ain't American, then God didn't make little AIDS viruses.

So Cho has made it -- for him, the racism is over -- he's part of a tradition as White & American as Billy the Kid, Charles Whitman, and Rusty Calley.

The Melting Pot is Working!


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