You can NOT tell me that asshole isn't drinking...

I saw the news footage of Monkey Boy dancing around like some frat-boy moron with the African tribal musicians...

... people are being killed every day, on HIS orders and HIS refusal to rescind those orders...

.. the very life-sustenance of our planet is disintegrating while his people sue to prevent anyone from interfering with the elements of greed and theft and murder that are destroying it...

... he and the verminous scumbags he has set in positions of power using his daddy's pals' money and his (and their) terror of his mommy's wrath mock and accuse of treason anyone who disagrees with their lies and excuses...

... his policies have now put him on equal footing with Idi Amin in terms of how many people his admin has killed (well over 300,000) except he's too much of a chickenshit to have done it himself or taken responsiblity for it

And the asshole is dancing around like a fool.

I would compare him to Nero but he's not nearly smart enough.

I can only compare him to the guy we all knew --
the one everyone knew was the biggest asshole in High School.

A drunken trailer trash piece of crap that tries to walk like a man but instead prances like some extraterrestrial in a person-suit.

And I can only hope he spends all the rest of his days recognizing how many BILLIONS of people actively despise him and everyone who has gone along with him.

And spends every night of his life surrounded by the ghosts and rotting corpses that are his true legacy every night

Sleep well, shithead, sleep well -- may you wake up screaming in the dark every night forever. (The soldiers and Marines you sent into your ego-driven Hell will, the people who were just going to work every day in Iraq will, so why not you, too?)

(And after watching Bill Moyers' stunning documentary Buying the War, I include EVERYONE who went along with the lies to create carnage and disaster in Iraq and the Middle East -- politicians, press, so-called patriots -- Republicans, Democrats, Independents, Left and Right alike -- each and every one of them own a piece of those terrifying ghosts.

Because, like Monkey Boy, they were too afraid of being called bad, or of losing some money, too scared to see what a lot of us saw -- us, the ones they called "America-haters," the ones they attacked -- too scared to refuse to approve of killing thousands and thousands of people who did NOTHING to harm us. Of course now they're whining about it being a "hit piece," or how they believed what they were told ..." )

And of course, the Monkey Boy is dancing around like a fool while African tribal musicians play their drums. And there was a song about a "Signifying Monkey," wasn't there? Oscar Brown Jr sang it... about a lying little primate ... "Signifying Monkey, high up in your tree, you're always lying and signifying, but you better not monkey with me.")


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