Pardon Libby? Yeah, and Jeffrey Dahmer too (posthumously), while you're at it

Fucking "tough guys" are such babies ---

So Cheney and Rumsfeld break the law, fuck over the one person in the administration not afraid to tell the truth, destroy his wife's career (fuckanoodle! -- even the Sopranos' circle of fiends don't go after the wives -- but then, the Sopranos aren't a bunch of chickenshit scumbags), then they get Libby to lie for them.

And now they want Doofus Boy to pardon him.

What a nifty circle.

They let two border guards do hard time for doing their job (taking out a drug smuggler in the act of transporting drugs) because Monkey Boy was sucking up to the Mexican Prez. But none of them talk about pardoning THEM.

I say, if Little Scooter is so goddamn tough, put him in the general population in Leavenworth, and give him a cell with the biggest, baddest buttfucking killer in the place and let him spend 30 months finding out what it feels like to have someone with all the power do whatever they want to you.

"Watch out for the asses you kick on the way up -- they're the same ones you have to lick on the way down."

My only regret is that the people plumping for a "Get Out of Jail Free"card -- Rumsfeld, Cheney, Midge Decter (Grendel's mom), and the rest, can't get thrown into the joint to do some hard time, too. (Oh please I don't want to forget to include that putrid excrescence of rotundity, Bush's bitch -- Karl Roverer.)


3500 American military personnel dead.
25,000 + maimed and scarred for life.
750,000 Iraqis dead or maimed.
2 Million Iraqis homeless.

These guys need to be beaten within an inch of their lives -- every day.

I don't care what their diseased minds say -- it IS NOT THE SAME AS AN EMBARRASSED HUSBAND -- Bill Clinton -- refusing to admit he got a hummer from an intern. Ms Lewinsky -- as far as I know -- may have given "killer head" but that's just a saying. No one died, except for La petit mort.

Put him in the slammer and get out the Linda Blair Memorial Broomstick.

Show him the Abner Louima Ceremonial Plunger (aka doing a Giuliani on someone)

He doesn't deserve any sympathy for what he's done.

Put him in a room with the children, widows, widowers, and parents of the people he caused to die for zip in Iraq and give each one 10 minutes with him.

SOMEONE in this godforsaken administration needs to be held responsible for SOMETHING.

And put a well-placed kick into a painful region of anyone who says he should be pardoned.


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