Some thoughts contiguous with the G-8 Confab

You ever get the feeling that all this murder and chaos and screaming and torture and suffering is only about one thing?

(And no, I don't mean oil)

-- That it's about Cheney and Bush and Roverer and Rumsfeld and Wolfowitz and all the rest of the losers in this administration (retreads from those shitcanned in previous admins) -- about them getting to puff up their chests and act and feel as if they're actually important people, so people have to pay attention to them OR ELSE.

But there's a difference between being important (for example, Mother Teresa, Buckminster Fuller, even Al Gore -- but only his post-political activities).

These are people we pay attention to because of what they're doing and who they are and how they improve our lives by instruction and example. There is a difference between them and the human scum that Monkey Boy's puppet masters have recruited into a cabal of rule-the-world monsters to whom we pay attention only because they're like some disgusting infested fecal slime thing we stepped in and we have to stop and scrape it off our shoes before we can do anything else.

Because all they can do is destroy, and it demands out attention to watch out we don't get crushed by falling ethical standards.

These are the conscienceless criminals the likes of which William Burroughs identified on the very first page of his prescient 1964 masterpiece Nova Express: -- the scum of the universe he calls The Nova Mob

"...Listen all you boards syndicates and governments of the earth. And you powers behind what filth deals consummated in what lavatory to take what is not yours. To sell the ground from unborn feet forever ---
"Don't let them see us. Don't tell them what we are doing --"
Are these the words of the all-powerful boards and syndicates of the earth?
"For God's sake don't let that Coca-Cola thing out -- "
"Not the Cancer Deal with the Venusians -- "
"Not the Green Deal -- Don't show them that -- "
"Not the Orgasm Death -- "
"Not the ovens -- "
"Top Secret -- Classified -- For the Board -- The Elite -- The Initiates -- "

Are these the words of the all-powerful boards and syndicates of the earth? These are the words of liars cowards collaborators traitors. Liars who want time for more lies. Cowards who can not face your "dogs" your "gooks" your "errand boys" your "human animals" with the truth ....

I could fully describe our current government (in fact, historically, most if not all governments, although few are as clumsy and short-sighted and contemptuously stupid as this one) -- what they are and how they do it, by transcribing the rest of the book, but better that you get a copy and read it...

However, the late Mr Burroughs did offer advice on how to counterbalance this wave of vermin that pretends to be humans:

"Watch what everyone else is doing and don't do it."
(General Orders for Emergency Conditions)

And oh yes, one more bit of advice from the same book that's pertinent and relevant to our present moment:

"So grab yer ermines Mary 'cause the whole shithouse is going up in chunks."


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