Cassandra is on the job

Still going to go down this way (I'm not advocating, just seeing it coming):

The "I have no problem with a woman as president" and the "I have no problem with an African -American as president" people will go into the voting booth and make their mark -- for John Edwards.

It could be gynophobia, in Hillary's case -- or just simple dislike of this particular woman -- a corroded, corrupt, machine politics harridan. (Personally, there are a lot of women I would be delighted to see as our president -- just that she ain't one of them.)

As to Mr Obama (if he spelled it O'bama, might reach a broader audience) -- it could be racism, or it could be the simple fact that so many people thing he should have waited, he's too young, too much the absolutely smartest kid in high-school, but that's the problem. Four years from now, eight years -- could be the best we've seen in a long long time, but not ready yet -- undercooked.

So Edwards takes it and the killer duo would be Edwards/Obama.

(And 8 years later, the seasoned and experienced Barack O'Bama fills the shoes that have been empty since FDR's death.)

Even the scripted and made-up and carefully lighted Fred Thompson would get blown away, and Mit "Ken-Doll" Romney, the representative from the Vril (read Gwyneth Cravens'* delightful novel Speed of Light for an idea of the Vril Society's candidate for president) with all the Mormon money in the world behind him, couldn't do it.


*Ms Cravens is currently part of the Long Now Foundation named by one of the founders, Brian Eno. Her most recent book is Power to save the World: The Truth About Nuclear Energy to be issued by Knopf, October 30, 2007


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