Little Joey Lieberman thinks Stalinist Russia had a good idea... that what we need is a nation of informers.

He was on the Wolf Blitzer thing today talking about passing the bill that would immunize terrorist whistle-blowers against being sued, because "people need to be able to call the authorities to tell them about someone who seems be be involved as a terrorist... and in the remote possibility that the person is not involved in terrorism, the whistle blower needs to know he or she won't be sued."

In Stalinist Russia, this was known as "informing."
And in Brit-occupied Northern Ireland, Nazi Germany, North Korea (today), in Peronista Argentina... all over the world, the wonderful tradition of informing on your neighbor has gone on.

In Russia it was often because the person was competing at work or had a better apartment.
In DEA America, it has been motivated by similar reasons as well as the local police force getting increased allotments in the next budget.

Little Joey talks about an educated and responsible citizenry.
Hey Joe, what the fuck would you know about responsibility and education?
You're a fucking turncoat.

The ONLY good thing about Bush stealing the 2000 election was that at least we didn't get YOU as Vice President for 4 years. Thank heaven for small favors and cold comforts.


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