White House talks trash

Oh, you know, about the Senate Dems cornering Gonzales on perjury, citing Bush's girlfriend and towel boy for contempt, subpoena-ing Karl Roverer, and generally failing to kiss Monkey Boy's Ass any longer (and to their shame, it took them 6 years to de-smooch)...

White House spokesman Tony Fratto said, "Every day congressional Democrats prove that they're more interested in headlines than doing the business Americans want them to do. And Americans are now taking notice that this Congress, under Democratic leadership, is failing to tackle important issues..."

And what were you all saying when Bill Clinton tried to go after Osama ben ladn?

"He's wagging the dog! He's trying to shift the attention away from Monica!"

And what did President 41's Idiot Bastard spawn say when Clinton's people presented the extensive report of terrorism representing years of work under Paul Rudman and Gary Hart and involving hundreds of top security people, the report that alerted America to imminent danger of an attack on US soil, and strongly advocated taking steps such as organizing intelligence into a central place, something like a Homeland Security Department? And when congress was reading it enthusiastically?

He pulled it from consideration and said "I'll have Cheney take a look at it."

So Fratto and Tony Snow and Condoleeza and all the rest -- haven't you figured out anything past your own egos? That you can NOT elevate this administration. No one can.

It degrades and corrupts and brings down to its own abysmal level anyone who touches it.

And then it crumples them up like used toilet paper, all stinking of the filth that comes from touching the Bush-Cheney, et al Cabal, and throws them away.

You have ALL traded your reputations and careers for a mess of promises.

Have fun in whatever "we love ourselves because we're Betas and we're the best" think tank is desperate enough to hire you, but even those stagnant tidepools of washed-up intelligentsia have to notice that you really don't actually THINK, or you wouldn't be where you are today, apologizing for the conscienceless scum of the earth, climbing desperately up the ladder of abstraction to get as far away as possible from giving anything resembling an actual answer with actual specific facts to the uncomfortable questions you're being asked.


There's a rumor that George W and Al Gonzales were butt buddies back when and that's the only reason W can't can his ass, because he knows too much about little Al's ass and Al knows too much about his.

I'm certain it's not true because if it were, from what some say about the Bush Family, anyone who did wouldn't still be alive.

But it's the only reason I've heard that would make a credible case for why Monkey Boy, the smirking moron in the oval office would allow Little Al, that grinning monkey in the Justice Department to stay. (Or he knows where the bodies are buried, or whatever). Because of long nights of kissing and hugging in the chilly winters on the ranch after January 21, 2009, when Laura gives W that Texican farewell --- "I've enjoyed as much of this as I can stand -- so long and forget you ever knew me."

What other reason?
His "loyalty to his friends?"
Maybe "loyalty to his friends" really means "I need propping up and protection."

Because his sense of loyalty to the American public extends only so far as the ones who nod yes to all his insanity.



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