You need to read this posting by Glenn Greenwald

He makes it clear just WHO is blowing smoke up your ass about what the public thinks.

What Beltway media stars mean by "centrism" and "extremism"

"As always, when wielded by Beltway media stars, the terms "centrist" and "moderate" and "mainstream" mean "whatever views I personally happen to hold on a topic, regardless of how many Americans actually share it." Hence, the unanimous, wise Beltway wisdom was that Barack Obama "blew it" in the last Democratic debate by proclaiming his willingness to meet with leaders of hostile countries, while Hillary Clinton scored a big victory..."


He goes on to show (and back it up with actual polls and stats) how the pundits love to say that the "mainstream" is whatever THEY think, regardless of what the public might think -- things like the Democrats are losing support with too many investigations even though the public -- especially Democrats -- want MORE investigations of the Bush Cabal...

An enlightening article if you want to know who's lying to you because it serves their own status and emboldens their beliefs.

Reminds me of the wonderful title of a show by brilliant sculptor Donald Schule called "I don't know art but I like what I know."


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